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“Losing Season” is the debut release for The Jack Pine and songwriter Mark Beeson. A career bass playing sideman, Mark has stepped out front and written eight catchy melodies with sing-along choruses.

Produced by top 25 ACC charting singer/songwriter Dan Call, the songs cover a broad swath of musical territory, from the Southern Rock of “Ready For Another Round” to the Country influenced “Say My Name” and closing with the pop heavy “Dream The Day Away.”

Standout tracks include “Right Now, Somehow” which delivers an infectious pop rock chorus while telling the story of two lovers letting fate take the wheel. They don’t know where things are heading, but they’re determined to take the trip together. “Say My Name” is a touching and personal lyric that ponders the legacy left behind when you’re the last of your line. The main character makes a few last requests to his loved ones to comfort them after he’s gone and to assure them that he’ll never be far away. Sometimes life doesn’t turn out the way we hoped it would, and “Dream The Day Away” tells the story of a character that toils day to day in a career and life they might have chosen but looking back didn’t envision.

“Losing Season” covers a lot of musical ground and is sure to appeal to a wide audience who appreciates well written, concise pop rock melodies and thoughtful story telling.

Check out out interview on Another Wasted Hour with Keith Center and co-host Alexa.

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